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Craigleith Ski Club is known for its friendly, family atmosphere. It truly is a community of family and friends, with many three or four generation families enjoying their winters here. The Club prides itself on excellent on-hill conditions, thanks to state-of-the-art snowmaking technology and top of the line grooming. There’s plenty of terrain to enjoy, and five chairlifts to keep everyone moving! Both on and off hill programs offer plenty of fun and engagement for all age levels. Our members are our best ambassadors, and many have introduced the Club to their friends.
We offer several Membership options including annual (one-year trial) membership, family membership, senior and single membership.

In addition, Craigleith offers two membership programs for children of family members to advance to their own membership – the Intermediate Members Advancing Program and the Early Bird Program. These programs help ensure the Club retains its family tradition with multi-generational members.

Applications for new Membership require two letters of introduction from current Craigleith members. All applications will be reviewed by the Membership Committee, and Membership will be granted based on limited availability.

Our Membership Administrator is pleased to assist with the application process and answer any questions.

Try out the Club before committing to a full Membership; once you have completed the application process, you can sign up for an Annual Membership for a maximum of one season (based on availability). A surcharge and annual dues must be paid before the Annual Membership is granted, and program and facility costs are charged additionally, as consumed. Please contact for details.

Initiation fee: Surcharge is $2,000 + HST (which will be applied as a credit to the initiation fee upon joining as full members), plus annual dues as required and program / facility costs, as consumed.

Please note that the surcharge and initiation fees are subject to change and the fee charged will be based on the fee in effect at the time of joining.  

Annual Membership Application     Member Sponsor Form     2023/24 Dues Guide

Ski with the kids all winter, every winter. Your Family Membership will be valid once you have paid your initiation fee, annual dues, program registrations and any facility costs incurred. Children of Family Members can become voting Members of the Club at the age of 30 at a reduced fee, based on age and a percentage of the initiation.

Initiation fee: $49,000 + HST plus annual dues as required and program / facility costs, as consumed.  

Please note that initation fees are subject to change and the fee charged will be based on the fee in effect at the time of joining.  

A Single Membership offers the same privileges as a Family Membership, following payment of the initiation fee, annual dues, programs and any facility costs incurred. However, single Members cannot designate family Members as badge holders and do not have the option to advance children to voting Membership. Single Members can convert to Family Membership upon payment of the required initiation fee.

Initiation fee: $34,500 + HST plus annual dues as required and program / facility costs as consumed.  

Please note that initiation fees are subject to change and the fee charged will be based on the fee in effect at the time of joining.  

If you’re over 55, join the club! A Senior Membership is a great chance to hit the hills on a regular basis, and offers individuals and couples great outdoor and social opportunities. A Senior Member has the same privileges as a Family Member, except for the right to designate children as badge holders. Children of Senior Members are not eligible to advance to Family Membership.

Initiation fee: Senior Single Membership - $16,500 + HST, Senior Couple - $21,500 + HST
Please note that the surcharge and initiation fees are subject to change and the fee charged will be based on the fee in effect at the time of joining.  

We are pleased to offer the details for the Club’s “Early Bird” membership program – an excellent membership option that offers members the opportunity to purchase their child(ren)’s Family Membership at a discounted initiation fee. 
The rates for the Early Bird program:
  • Are based on the initiation fee for Intermediates Advancing (currently $7,700);
  • Are payable in one lump sum – no financing available;
  • Are calculated annually to reflect the current discount rate (set May 1st, based on the Canada Long Term bond rate (10 year)) and the base fee (Intermediate Advancing Initiation Fee at age 30).
Fee (excluding HST) Age (as of December 31st)
$1,421 1
$1,506 2
$1,597 3
$1,693 4
$1,794 5
$1,902 6
$2.016 7
$2,137 8
$2,265 9
$2,401 10
$2,545 11
$2,698 12
$2,860 13
$3,031 14
$3,213 15
$3,406 16
$3,610 17
$3,827 18
$4,056 19
$4,300 20
$4,558 21
$4,831 22
$5,121 23
$5,429 24
$5,754 25
$6,099 26
$6,465 27
$6,853 28
$7,265 29
$7,700 30

Additional Details:
  • Under the Early Bird program, the Intermediate member would advance to Family membership automatically at age 30.  It is also possible for an Intermediate member to advance earlier, provided he/she is over the age of 18, should his/her parent(s) resign.  It should be noted that those who become Family members under the Early Bird program will enjoy the benefit of reduced annual dues to age 35 and would also qualify for the Inactive status option including the waived Inactive fee for members 30 to 35 years of age.
  • Age is calculated as of December 31, and within the fiscal year (ending April 30)
  • No refund or increase to the Early Bird payment will be made despite any change to the initiation fees, discount rate or other relevant factors after the payment is made.
  • Employee credits are not applicable to Early Bird fees.
  • Parent(s) who purchase the Early Bird membership for their child(ren) must retain their Family Membership in good standing up until the time each child advances to his/her own Family Membership (minimum age of 18).

The Intermediate member advancing program is designed to offer membership opportunities to members between the ages of 30 and 39, whose parent(s) are current Family Members of the Club.

The initiation fee structure for Intermediate members advancing to Family Membership includes the Project Generations assessment applied to members beginning in 2019. 

The current initiation fee structure is set out below.

Age of Advancement Initiation Fee 
(All rates subject to HST)
30 $7,700
31 $7,700
32 $7,700
33 $7,700
34 $7,700
35 $7,700
36 $11,100
37 $13,000
38 $14,900
39 $16,800

Payment of the initiation fee for advancing Intermediates is payable interest free in equal installments up to the age of 39. For example, a person joining at age 30 has ten (10) years to make equal payments; a person joining at age 35 has five (5) years to make equal payments.


Initiation Credit for Instructors, Coaches, Race Crew and Ski Patrol Employees

An initiation credit program is offered to the Intermediate members working in Snow School or Racing or volunteering with Race Crew or Ski Patrol. These employees / volunteers receive an incentive of 5% of the Intermediate initiation fee (based on age) per year worked toward their joining fee, to a maximum of 50%.

This incentive is available to Intermediate members who are not yet full Family members but have worked, or will in the future work for the Club (prior to advancing to Family membership).

  • Annually fulfill the obligations of employment or volunteer service:
    • Snow School / Racing – the employment terms outlined by the Snow School Director / Head Coach and accepted by the employee at the start of the season, including a minimum of 20 hours of employment each season
    • Race Crew / Patrol – the volunteer time commitment outlined by the Club and accepted by the volunteer at the start of the season
  • For Snow School and Racing, the calculation of the credit will be confirmed via payroll records
  • For Ski Patrol and Race Crew, verification of commitment fulfilled via electronic time and attendance records and/or confirmation from Ski Patrol leader and Race Crew leader
  • The Club will honour retroactive service credits up to and including the 2004/05 season
  • There are no consecutive years of employment required to retain retroactive credits
  • Payment terms are on the same basis as the Intermediate initiation fee without employee credits

Annual Dues

The annual dues for those between the ages of 30 and 40 (including spouse or special friend),  Annual Fees can be reviewed here. 

Note: These rates apply to those who have Advanced to Family Membership and those who remain under their parents’ membership with active status.

New members who were not Intermediates but have joined the Club and are under 36 will pay annual dues according to the same schedule above. All rates are subject to HST.